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Instructional Practices

 Students engage in a variety of learning activities and have multiple opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned, with the support of the following schoolwide instructional practices:

  • CCLS-aligned Learning Targets and Criteria for Success​

  • Daily homework checks and regular quizzes to assess student learning
  • Frequent written assignments in all content areas to reinforce and extend student learning

  • Collaborative learning activities in which students work in groups, share knowledge, clarify misunderstandings, and support each other’s mastery of learning targets

  • Special projects through which students may express individual understandings and interpretations

  • Pre- and post-assessments to show how students have grown from beginning to end of each unit of study

Based on identified student needs, teachers balance explicit teaching, independent and collaborative work, formative assessment and flexible grouping to ensure that each child receives the appropriate level of challenge and support.