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School Mission

 PS/IS 366: Washington Heights Academy (WHA) is a small learning community, dedicated to knowing each student and family well. The Academy offers a child-centered, academically rigorous program that promotes personal, social and academic success for all students. Student achievement is supported through high quality classroom instruction, social-emotional support and active family engagement.


The mission of PS/IS 366: Washington Heights Academy is to cultivate the personal, cultural and intellectual development of all students. Our aim is to provide children with equitable access to relevant learning experiences that will foster a constructive growth mindset, strong self-esteem, responsible community involvement, and success in high school, college and career. Through high expectations and rigorous, inclusive instruction that engages the diverse personal and cultural identities of all students, we strive to raise critical thinkers and self-directed learners, and to support in students a love of learning—now and throughout their lives.