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Educational Philosophy

 We believe that relationships, with oneself and with others, form the basis of learning and teaching. These relationships extend beyond the classroom to include children’s families and the multiple communities of which they are a part. By building meaningful relationships among school, home and the wider community, we seek to instill in each child an integral sense of continuity and connection that will support his or her growth in its many dimensions.

Learning is a natural human process inherent to all children, transcending cultural, socio-economic and learning differences. Children’s innate interests and capabilities are essential to the learning process. A stimulating and engaging environment can awaken a sense of wonder and intellectual curiosity that must be carefully guided and fed. Students learn best when teachers draw upon their existing understandings and help them build new understandings based on increasingly complex knowledge. To this end, our school integrates child-centered pedagogies with rigorous, content-rich instruction in response to ongoing assessment of individual student needs.